Rethink Thinking

(formerly Summit at the Pier)

To help prepare our youth for the coming era of innovation we need to think differently about education and learning. Instead of testing and measuring knowledge, we need to develop the skills and character traits that matter more tomorrow - creativity, collaboration and critical thinking. That’s the goal of Rethink Thinking Foundation – to be an incubator for creativity and innovation. To create resilience and bravery needed in youth that allows them to continuously rethink thinking.


Rethink Crew

Rethink Thinking was launched in 2016 by a passionate group of educators, parents and social entrepreneurs who share a vision of supporting young people to develop the skills needed for today’s era of rapid change and interconnection. Our philosophy and approach is designed to empower youth and support creativity, innovation and holistic well-being.




As a serial entrepreneur and human connector, she believes in living an authentic, fully actualized life and that transforming our passion, creative energy and inherent talents into our career, is to experience the true joy of life.




Advisor on using creativity and innovation to transform how we think at work and about ourselves; he explains the audacity for change can become a reality, and it comes from within.




Beginning as an educator for 23 years, he has taught many subjects, been a principal, district superintendent, and founded the Pacific School of Innovation & Inquiry as he works to re-conceptualize the education system.



Van Tol

Alexandra is a certified K–12 teacher, journalist and bestselling author. She taught middle school for eight years, homeschooled her oldest child for two years, and now researches and writes about optimal human learning.




Caroline has set the stage for many visionary humans over her 20+ years managing events.




With a background in interdisciplinary arts, teaching and choreography, Chris crafts innovative and surprising ways for youth to experience ideas and activities through inquiry, movement and collaboration.




A fourteen-year-old with vision, Maddy is a singer/songwriter and has been raising money for local charities since before she could read. She is currently doing market research for her third business.




An eighteen-year-old with an overwhelming passion for entrepreneurship, she has founded a cosmetics line, retail gift store, blogs, and YouTube channel. Her passions are fueled listening to Christmas music all year long.

More on Rethink Thinking

There has been much talk in the education sector recently about the need to modernize the way schools structure teaching and learning. You can start here, with Sir Ken Robinson’s landmark TED Talk, Do Schools Kill Creativity? Many schools have already begun the process of rethinking their approach. Some schools are further along in this path than others, but it is clear that we are on the cusp of great change. However, transforming the education system will take time. Rethink Thinking is made up of leaders who are ready to take action now, who are passionate about supporting young people to fulfill their dreams, and who are skilled in the development and implementation of approaches which engage young people as active participants in their own learning.