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Why Is This Important?
Increasingly, young people are graduating from high school — even from college and university — vastly unprepared to cope with the challenges presented by the real world. Anxiety rates have shot up as young people grapple with a shifting job market, the responsibility of living independently and managing their finances, loneliness and isolation, insecurity in face-to-face interactions, the relentlessly high bar that social media represents, and a lack of self-awareness that ultimately leads them down unfulfilling career paths.
25% of Canadian youth
will have at least one anxiety disorder in their lifetime
What's Broken? And What Are You Helping Solve?
Much of this internal discord our young people face arises because they haven’t learned the following critical life skills: knowing themselves well; taking care of their mental health; learning how to budget; asking good questions; identifying what they love and are good at; finding other people who love those things and who can teach them more; communicating meaningfully and in person; representing themselves authentically; going after what they want; and, as a result of feeling deep personal fulfillment and alignment, finding ways to apply their passions in a positive way.
Sir Ken Robinson on Education
But There Is A Solution.
Rethink Thinking addresses this internal discord by providing guided experiences for young people to explore and express their interests and in so doing, to find meaning and purpose. Our flagship annual event, a Youth Summit, gathers hundreds of youth together for a weekend of inquiry, exploration, collaboration and fun. It gets kids fired up about the things they’re curious and passionate about, and connects them with adult mentors in the community who can help them deepen their explorations and grow as individuals. Summit shows kids that they are in the driver’s seat of their own life and wellness

Rethink Thinking offers additional youth-facing programming throughout the year to reinforce this learning. We also provide: ongoing mentorship for inquiry projects; opportunities to learn more about careers, financial literacy, mental health, self-awareness and personal development; and opportunities to engage with adults and peers in pursuit of what interests them.
"This is a chance for us to be learning from each other. It's a chance for students to be teachers and teachers to be students, to swap ideas and to share ideas and to work collaboratively."
-- Sir Ken Robinson
How Your Donation Will Change The World.
Our programs foster self-confidence, self-direction, accountability and personal action, and develop people who are able to drive positive change in the world. Our offerings teach youth how to put forward ideas, step up to lead others, search for positive solutions and inspire other people. Strong, self-aware people are driven to make improvements to other people’s wellbeing, and tend to work harder to bring others into a place of good health and strong purpose. By teaching, modelling and developing these characteristics in our youngest people, Rethink Thinking can move the needle on solving many social, economic and environmental issues.
How Can You Help?
We need $60,000 to develop our year-round programming for 2017-18. This money enables us to pay high-quality facilitators with professional experience to deliver youth programming in the areas of careers and mental health. This money will also help to pay for snacks and program materials, as well as outreach and ongoing communication to ensure our youth stay engaged in the programs they choose.
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