The Youth Summit

This April 2018, 500 youth will gather for two days of future-proofing sessions in beautiful Victoria, BC. The event spans two action-packed days and will feature world-class speakers, inspirational entertainment, and unique idea-generating methods to draw out the most interesting conversations and ideas from youth. On hand to guide and assist the students will be 50 inspiring facilitators, policy makers, business owners, educators, entertainers and others who are part of the “living library” who will act as catalysts for stronger communities.

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The Village Bash

It takes a village to raise a child, right? So we've created space for the village to gather. We've reserved Friday evening before the Summit begins to give the grownups a glimpse into what the young'uns are up to — and why we're doing it in the first place. The Village Bash opens the doors to parents, mentors, grandparents, educators, supporters and all the other big thinkers who are joining together to give youth what they need most. To ask questions. To drive change.

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Blue Paper Project Mentorship

<strong>Grow it farther.</strong> So you managed to fit your brain back inside your head after Summit was done. Nice work. Let’s stretch it all out again at the Blue Paper Project sessions, a series of meetings after Summit that puts you back with the Yodas. You can tap extra mentorship and guidance to help you actually make your project a reality. Get primed in how to pitch ideas. Learn digital storytelling. Master Business Model Canvas or Design Thinking. Boost your financial literacy so you don’t make the same dumb mistakes you’ve watched other people make. Get ready. <i>Get stronger.</i>

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More Power Than You Think You Have

Events to Prepare For the Accelerating Future



Events happening this year

Summit at the Bay

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The Village Bash

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Artsy Fartsy

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Past Events

Events in past years

Summit at the Pier 2016

Artsy Fartsy 2016

Teacher Events

Throughout the year, teachers, Principals, and Vice-Principals will gather at events to ready themselves to teach and guide future-proofed youth in schools. These events are in-person professional days, online courses and webinars, and group discussions to grow professionally and personally in collaborative environments.

Inquiry Workshop 2017

Professional Day at Church & State Winery in Victoria, BC.