Global Explorers

Real-world English learning for students ages 14–21.

Next program: August 6 – 26, 2018. We will accept 100 students.

Come to beautiful Victoria, BC, Canada to learn English! You will learn faster by speaking English with people from Canada and other countries. You will work with people of the same age on projects that interest you. You will make friends. And you will be speaking English all the time!

Why should I apply to Global Explorers?

English is the international language for business and trade. Speaking English opens many doors to your dreams. Travelling abroad helps you learn English in a real-world setting. Spending time with people from different countries is fun, and it helps you speak English more. Rethink Thinking Global Explorers is different than other language learning programs. In this program, we encourage you to explore what interests you. Then you will learn better and faster.

What is Global Explorers?

Rethink Thinking Global Explorers is for students in high school. We welcome students from all countries to come to Victoria and learn English. The program is three weeks long. It’s based in the beautiful, nature-filled campus of Pearson College UWC. You will learn English by exploring Vancouver Island with other friends in the program. You will also use and learn English by exploring projects that interest you.

Royal Roads

Indoor and outdoor activities will take place at Royal Roads University. Movies like X-Men, Arrow and Deadpool were filmed on this beautiful campus. The campus is large and very natural.

Pearson College

Pearson College UWC is your home during Global Explorers. The campus is located on beautiful Pedder Bay, on traditional Aboriginal territories.

Real English Victoria

Your teachers and guides are from award winning school, Real English Victoria. These experts provide fun activities and projects that will help you learn English quicker than traditional english language schools.

You will explore other exciting places around Vancouver Island, too. Here are a few activities in Global Explorers:

  • Team-building
  • Orienteering
  • Tours of Pearson College and Royal Roads University
  • Exploring ideas about youth empowerment
  • Watching and creating videos
  • Exploring downtown Victoria and talking about tourism
  • Planning your own travel outings, like to Butchart Gardens and the Royal BC Museum
  • Projects with small groups that help you practice English
  • Movie night
  • Game night
  • You might even take a day trip to Vancouver, host city of the 2010 Olympic Games!

You may enjoy learning English by reading and writing, but your friend may enjoy listening more. Other people learn by singing, dancing with a group, making a video, interviewing native English speakers, building a machine or playing games. You probably do not learn well by sitting in a classroom and listening to someone tell you what to do. And you probably do not want to write tests. It’s better to go out and speak!

Who is Global Explorers for?

This program is for high school students. You should be between the ages of 14 and 21. You should also have some basic English skills. You will have fun becoming fluent in English.

We have 100 spaces available.

Cool facts about Victoria, BC, Canada!

  • Victoria draws over 3 million tourists every year
  • A safe Canadian city with a temperate climate
  • Victoria was named the world’s third-friendliest city by Conde Nast Traveler
  • Students from over 80 countries visit Pearson College and Royal Roads University
  • Butchart Gardens is one of the best display gardens in the world
  • X-Men, Deadpool, Arrow and other movies were filmed in Victoria

More information about the program

You will sleep at Pearson College UWC in four-person dorms. The dorms have bathrooms and small kitchens. The staff at Pearson College will make three healthy meals each day. You will spend your days with guides from Real English Victoria (one guide per ten students). In the evenings, Pearson College staff will be there to assist you. Pearson College is located on the ocean. You can swim, boat or just enjoy the beauty and nature.

How is Global Explorers different from other language learning programs?

In Global Explorers, you get to follow your own interests. This helps you learn English better, because you will spend time with people who share your interests — and you will want to talk about them! Here are some more details:

  • You will learn about things that are interesting to you.
  • Sharing your ideas with other people helps you learn English faster.
  • You will become close friends with your group mates.
  • Your facilitators will give you as many real experiences as possible. This gives you lots of opportunities to practice English.
  • There is no boring classroom work and no tests!
  • You will work with other students to plan your outings. You’ll also get to record your experiences and talk about them afterward.
  • You will learn by working with a group to create a short film about the future of our global world. You might even send your project to the United Nations Youth Council!

Our students come from many different countries, like Japan, Dubai, Thailand, China and Korea. When you work with people from other countries, you learn English faster because it’s the only language everyone knows!

What’s included in the program cost?

Global Explorers has so much!!

  • Program tuition
  • Accommodations
  • Chaperones
  • Three meals daily
  • Community and campus orientations

  • Transportation to and from the airport
  • Program support
  • Medical insurance
  • Wifi access
  • Learning resources

Price: $5,000 CDN

Apply For Enrollment

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Rethink Thinking Global Explorers Program

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