Sponsorship that ditches traditional donor levels for customizing your offer according to your specific needs.


Be a Sponsor

RETHINK THINKING is an opportunity for you to get in front of teens, parents, teachers, facilitators, volunteers, and world-class speakers. Our youth Summit is welcoming 500 teens, 50 adult facilitators, and volunteers of various ages and backgrounds.

Attendees are in junior high and high school – with the majority coming from Vancouver Island and as far away as Finland, last we heard. In all likelihood, the parents of these teens are fully involved in their youth's collaboration efforts. Teachers and facilitators have a vested interest in guiding these teens through the process and taking what they learned back to their schools.

If you want to show your support and get recognition for your brand, here are some ways you can get involved and become a sponsor.

Join the

Think Tank

Join the THINK TANK and show your pride and involvement in the community and your support for local youth. This is a one time financial donation with a big impact. For your donation, you are sending 10 young people to the Summit! You can pick them or have our Student Bursary organization, the Victoria Foundation, find the kids in the community who couldn’t otherwise afford to go. Imagine being seen by the community for contributing and elevating the lives of youth. It takes a community to make change happen, thank you for considering to become a sponsor.

Think Tank

Members receive:

Think Tank Supporter
Donate $1500, send 10 youth to the Summit, receive a charitable receipt and show your support of youth in your community.

On-Going Promotions
Recognition over and over on social media, email channels, on-site banners, posters and more.

Get Recognized
You’ll get the opportunity to join our Summit community event during the Summit weekend, explore the brand new venue, meet the team, the speakers and learn more about the vision of the Summit while mixing and mingling with other local supporters.

Be A

Big Thinker

We are actively looking for partners to elevate the experience at Rethink Thinking, located in one of Victoria’s coolest venues. This event of internationally known speakers, entertaining performers, and idea-generating sessions will inspire youthful minds and generate new ideas and energy.

We are eager to work with partners to underwrite aspects of the event and will work with you towards unique integrated partnership opportunities that provide a rich brand experience for both partners and attendees.

This partial list is a starting point for

Potential Partner Integrations:

  • Evening Entertainment - the "after party" filled with music and entertainment.
  • Brunch with Ken Robinson - an intimate gathering of select individuals to have questions and answers with Ken.
  • Live Streaming - broadcasting the speakers and book writers who've signed up to be facilitators.
  • Student Bursary - a fund for sponsoring teens who may not have the financial means to attend.
  • Work-booklet for Attendees - a professionally designed booklet used throughout the sessions for idea generation.
  • Project Startup Scholarship - ideas will turn into projects and teams will need money to further these new initiatives.
  • Volunteer Sponsorship - volunteers will be working hard to make this event happen and you can help us reward them for their effort.
  • Piece of the Pier - have your brand name, decor, and theme wrapped around a section of the event space.

In-Kind contributors of

Out-of-the-Box Thinker

Donating money is not the only way of being a sponsor. Perhaps you have equipment for the day-of the event or healthy food snacks to share, or furniture that will make the experience better or look better in photos. Being an in-kind sponsor means you’re an Out-Of-The-Box Thinker and is such a valuable contribution it’s worthy of letting the community know. We are actively looking for products and services to be donated In-Kind to raise the experience of this event.

This list is a starting point for potential

In-Kind sponsorship opportunities:

  • Healthy Food and Snacks - participants will see your packaging and enjoy your food for two days.
  • Non-alcoholic Beverages - teens drink a range of beverages and we get excited by cool, healthy options.
  • Interior Design and Decor - be known for your fashionable style – inside and out.
  • Lanyards and Name-tags - be front and center with products that everyone will wear for two days.
  • Paper, Banners, and Printing - be a partner and be seen and in the hands of attendees during the entire event.
  • Editorial Placements - writing about the event before, during, and after will show your involvement in the community and give you some great content for your readers.
  • Blankets - the latest trend for teens is to use blankets as a fashion statement and has practical applications while studying, camping or just keeping warm while hanging out with friends.