New dates! April 21 & 22, 2018
Great news! Now you’ve got more time to get stoked for Summit!
Explore What Matters. 
Canada’s 1st Inquiry-led Youth Summit
April 21-22, 2018
This. Is an experience you’ve never had before. Summit at the Bay brings you and your friends together with people you’re meeting for the first time for a two-day energy bender of collaborating on passions and ideas. We do it this way on purpose — and it’s going to rock your world. Your takeaway? Freedom of thinking. Shared ideas. Supercharged connections. And a boatload of good feelings.

In grade 9 to 12?This party’s for you.
Take a Behind-The-Scenes Look at Last Year's Event: Summit At The Pier
A creative event to empower youth to become collaborative, critical thinkers and problem solvers for the complex, open-ended challenges they face tomorrow.

“At the summit we created an organization called Youth Against Antimicrobial Resistance. We want to thank you for all your time and help. The suggestions and knowledge you have imported upon us helped us a lot, and we could not have been this productive today without your help.”
 --Youth Summit participants
Kevin Breel
Kevin Breel is a 23-year-old writer, comedian and an activist for mental health. His TED talk, entitled “Confessions of a Depressed Comic” logged more than a million views in just a few weeks, earning cred as one of the most viral videos of all time.

TED Talk: Confessions of a Depressed Comic - most viral video with 4 million+ views
Earth Group
Earth Group founders Kori Chilibeck & Matt Moreau share their story of how the Earth Group began in a university apartment and has since exploded into a global social enterprise. Their gig? Making sure kids around the planet have food, water and education. Big giving. Big good. Providing over a million school meals to children globally, these two guys are determined to be at the forefront of solving world hunger.

Saturday Night Dinner
Amp your energy with a delicious and nutritious dinner on Saturday night. With a kick-ass menu from premier food truck chefs, this superfeast is all about feeding youth. Of course there will be gluten-free and other options, are you kidding? This is the time to fuel up for the evening’s entertainment. Cause man, you’re gonna need it.

Saturday Night Entertainment
Low battery? Charge it up by joining, spectating, or just chilling on a sofa. We’ve got all kinds of different lounge areas to suit your groove. Dozens of performers and interactive activities create a full-on nighttime festival. Expect improv theatre, interactive digital lighting, DJ live music, magic shows and spoken word poetry. Truth.
Food Trucks & Snacks
Couldn’t get enough of the food trucks last year? Enjoy lunch on both days with even MORE choice this time around. (How about five? Does five sound about right? Five trucks with, like, wildly different types of food? Yeah. Thought so.) You’ll need food vouchers, though, so don't forget to get them.

Creativity Is Messy
Holi Powder is released into the air, as a beautiful energy release for the day. Pure fun silliness outdoors.
We love the grownups. But this weekend is for the young 'uns. The only adults attending the Summit will be our Human Library and our Facilitators, who are there to ensure everyone is involved in a way that feels good. They are your guides, gurus and Gandalfs, and are your go-to for any question you might have. (Seriously. Bring it.) Tank up on their vast expertise in the arts, athletics, sciences, media and communications, health, business, social enterprise, and just about any subject matter you need to tap in order to bring your ideas to life.

Summit At The Bay AGENDA
Saturday April 21
Part 1
Registration, tea, coffee, juice, water
Welcome + Earth Group
Movement Break
Open Space Begins
Walk The Gallery
Open Space Continues
Food Truck Lunch
Saturday April 21
Part 2
Breakout Sessions
Talk's Cheap!
Movement Break
Get Acquainted
5:00 - 5:30
Take Some Space
5:30 - 7:00
Dinner Served
7:00 - 9:00
Evening Festival
Sunday April 22
Welcome Back + Kevin Breel
Topic Groups
Food Truck Lunch
Creativity Is Messy
Sharing the Ideas
Staying Connected
Completion & Pick-up
Why let the excitement end when the Summit ends?
Grow it further. Let’s stretch your brain all out again at our mentorship sessions, a series of meetings after Summit that puts you back with the Yodas. You can tap extra mentorship and guidance to help you actually make your project a reality. Get primed in how to pitch ideas. Learn digital storytelling. Master Business Model Canvas or Design Thinking. Boost your financial literacy so you don’t make the same dumb mistakes you’ve watched other people make. Get ready. Get stronger.

When you attend Summit at the Bay this April, your ticket gives you access to the Blue Paper Project Mentorship program, where you can choose among a variety of followup sessions to more deeply explore what matters with our partners. Bring your questions, and breathe life into your ideas with additional mentorship and guidance in the areas where you need it most. Our partners have a ton of wisdom and lived experience to share with you — and it’s all here for the asking. Accelerate your ideas and move faster toward your dreams with the following sessions:
Made Possible By Our Partners
 “Your ideas will be led by you. Here, you make all the decisions.”
Choose Your Option
Single Ticket
125 $75
Reg: $125 $75 TODAY
  • One Ticket
  • Full Access To Both Days
  • Saturday Dinner Included
  • Holi Powder Experience
  • Post Summit Mentorship
"BRING A Friend" 2 TicketS
213 $127
Reg: $250 - SAVE $87 $127 TODAY
  • TWO Tickets
  • Full Access To Both Days
  • Saturday Dinner Included For Both
  • Holi Powder Experience
  • Post Summit Mentorship
“My daughter didn’t feel she fit in at school and was unsure about coming to the Summit. She came home after the first day and yelled, ‘Mom, I found my people. Other kids who want to talk about emotional intelligence!’ This warmed my heart so much.”
--Anonymous Summit Parent, 2016
2017 VENUE
Vibrant, modern, high-tech centre that fosters community spirit.
Colwood, BC
Have Some Questions?
Is this the Summit at the Pier from last year?
Yes, the venue location was changed and so did the name for the Summit. This year, you will experience an even more amazing 2 days at the Summit at the Bay 2017. We are Rethink Thinking and we want you to explore what matters.
Are you a non-profit?
Yes! We are happily a growing not-for-profit organization. It was never about the money for us, instead about doing good in the world in the best way we knew how. Supporting and preparing youth and families in our fast-paced, unyielding times.
Do I need to bring a friend?
You can come on your own or bring a friend. While you will have fun with a few friends there, you will also meet other interesting teens as you move from group to group.
Do I need to bring food?
You can but you shouldn't need to. There will be food trucks and snack stations during the day. Lots of water too. And the evening dinner is going to have a variety of food trucks to keep you going into the evening festival. Be sure to purchase your Meal Vouchers.
Are there places to stay near by?
Yes, we have our event hotel available within a short drive to the venue. Contact us if you'd like more information on places to stay.
How do I purchase meal vouchers?
Our meal vouchers will speed up meals and funds will go entirely towards our food truck partners. Once you purchase your Summit ticket, you will receive an email with links for purchasing your vouchers ahead of time.
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