Nov 6th Update: Village Bash is happening and growing!
Open Doors Friday Evening
November 17
The Kids Are Not All Right
Speaker, journalist, bestselling author and former teacher Alexandra Van Tol kicks off the night with an expose of where our kids are falling down and how our society is failing to properly prepare them for real life, and presents some solutions for how we can most powerfully create change.
Teaching for the Future
Brain nice and stretched now? Keep the neural expansion going as educational thought leader and changemaker Jeff Hopkins leads you through an immersive, real-time inquiry experience. There’s no better way to see and feel the power of inquiry-based learning.
Food, BeV, and Entertainment
Recover your brains and replenish your body with tasty appetizers and snacks on the house. We’ve got several youth entertainment acts to keep the energy buzzing.
It takes a village to raise a child, right? So we've created space for the village to gather. We've reserved Friday evening to give the grownups a glimpse into what the young'uns are up to — and why we're doing it in the first place. The Village Bash opens the doors to parents, mentors, grandparents, educators, supporters and all the other big thinkers who are joining together to give youth what they need most. To ask questions. To drive change. To put kids in the space where they've got the right tools to deal with what's ahead. To rethink thinking.
Take a Behind-The-Scenes Look at Last Year's Event: Summit At The Pier
A creative event to empower youth to become collaborative, critical thinkers and problem solvers for the complex, open-ended challenges they face tomorrow.

Find out why youth love this event!

“My daughter didn’t feel she fit in at school and was unsure about coming to the Summit. She came home after the first day and yelled, ‘Mom, I found my people. Other kids who want to talk about emotional intelligence!’ This warmed my heart so much.”
 -- Anonymous Summit parent, 2016
What Can You Expect
Alex Van Tol
Alexandra Van Tol is a certified K–12 teacher, journalist and bestselling author. She taught middle school for eight years, homeschooled her oldest child for two years, and now researches and writes about optimal human learning.
Jeff Hopkins
Beginning as an educator for 23 years, Jeff Hopkins has taught many subjects, been a principal, district superintendent, and founded the Pacific School of Innovation & Inquiry as he works to re-conceptualize the education system.

Nov 17 6:30 - 9:30pm
Friday Night Appetizers & Drinks
Chat with other big thinkers over delicious “live” appetizers. Live, you ask? Well, yeah — live! Grab a drink and mingle with a kick-ass group of community sponsors, partners, parents, and educators who want to see our kids thrive.
Why Inquiry Learning is Powerful:
by Jeff Hopkins
Why does inquiry work better? What better way to learn why our Summit-goers come home all fired up than to experience it at the hands of Canada’s foremost thinker in inquiry-based learning, Jeff Hopkins? As the principal and founder of the Pacific School of Innovation and Inquiry, Hopkins has graduated students from his high school using an education model that is a near reversal of the norm — and one that prepares kids for the road ahead.
Youth Entertainment
We can’t let the kids have all the fun! Many of the youth who’ll be performing for their peers during Summit are popping in to entertain us oldsters on Friday night too. We’re pretty sure you’ll be blown away at the talent in this city.
Creativity Is Messy
At the end of the second day, Summit-goers kick out the jams and shake off some energy with some pure silliness, throwing holi powder in the air and dancing around like the goofballs we love.
This Evening Is Graciously Sponsored By
 “Their ideas are led by them. Here, they make all the decisions.”
It's All About Community!
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Two Inspiring Speakers

Experience a Live Inquiry with Jeff Hopkins

Student Entertainment
2017 VENUE
Vibrant, modern, high-tech centre that fosters community spirit.
Royal Bay Secondary School, Colwood, BC
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