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Ready to light your brain on fire? Right this way. We’re Rethink Thinking, and we’ve blown into your airspace to show you how to use your mind the way it was designed. We’re talking curious, creative, unrestricted thinking. The kind of thinking that leads you to question everything, discover new ideas, and develop those ideas in a way you never thought possible.

Sir Ken Robinson

“The Summit is important because it’s a chance for us to be learning from each other. It’s a chance for students to be teachers and teachers to be students, to swap ideas and to share ideas and to work collaboratively.“

Take a Behind-The-Scenes Look at Summit At The Pier 2016




500 powerful young minds will gather for two jam-packed days of future-proofing sessions. Crawling all over both days will be world-class speakers, inspirational entertainment and the most interesting conversations and ideas you could dream up, guided by 50 mentors and facilitators who have mad skills in this kind of thing. These mentors? They’re part of our Human Library: business owners, investors, policy makers (yeah, those are the decision-makers in government), educators and entertainers. They’re the Yodas to your Luke — every one of them an expert in how to support you in developing the skills you’re going to need for life after high school. You choose where you want to go. They’re right there to show you the way.


Blue Paper Project Mentorship

Grow it farther.

So you managed to fit your brain back inside your head after Summit was done. Nice work. Let’s stretch it all out again at the Blue Paper Project sessions, a series of meetings after Summit that puts you back with the Yodas. You can tap extra mentorship and guidance to help you actually make your project a reality. Get primed in how to pitch ideas. Learn digital storytelling. Master Business Model Canvas or Design Thinking. Boost your financial literacy so you don’t make the same dumb mistakes you’ve watched other people make. Get ready. Get stronger.

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