Artsy Fartsy: A Youth-Centered Day of Place Making and Design Thinking

September 14, 2017 0

This drop-in creative youth day is for dreaming, designing, debating, and discovering. We invite you to imagine, collaborate and create the kinds of spaces you find best to learn, hang out, or create in. What you come up with is completely up to you.

There will be facilitators to guide and materials to use for prototyping your ideas in order to put them out into the world. You will have space at the Royal BC Museum to enjoy a creative design thinking day with your friends and the new people you meet.


10am: Setting Creative Intentions

10:15: “How Might We”

11:00: Ideation and Collaboration

Noon: Lunch and Performances (see below)

12:45: Messy Making Stage

1:45: Sharing Out

Magicians, musicians and poets will be performing throughout the day, specifically during lunch, to inspire you to think outside the box and put your ideas into action.

Replenish your energy with quick access to food trucks around back, the museum’s indoor food court, or your own packed in food.

This is presented in conjunction with the Royal BC Museum and the design thinking is facilitated by Chris O’Connor. We need the help of creative youth to create the spaces for themselves and peers, in order for them to better solve the even bigger challenges of today.

Location: BC Museum’s Learning Centre (maker space around the back) 

Date: Oct 7, 2017

Time: 10am to 2pm