Intimate “Brunch with Ken” at the Empress

September 6, 2016 0

Once in a lifetime chance to get answers.

As you may have heard, we have Sir Ken Robinson as the keynote speaker at our Rethink Thinking – Summit at the Pier event. The response from professionals, teachers, parents and others was an overwhelming curiosity and need to see Ken too – to say the least.

Since he’s here in Victoria, we thought, “Why not organize a brunch where people can rub elbows with him and talk creativity, education, and what it takes for transformation?

He is the world’s leading advisor on education transformation after all.

So, we’re doing it! You can enjoy a tasty brunch in Victoria’s most prestigious hotel, next to one of the world’s most influential leading advisors on education. Sign up for a chance in a lifetime to get direct answers from Sir Ken himself.

One of our own, Jeff Hopkins (founder of the Pacific School of Innovation and Inquiry), will facilitate an informal fireside chat with Sir Ken. There will be plenty of opportunity to join the conversation, as this will be an interactive and intimate gathering. And you will have time for networking with like-minded individuals to expand who you know.

After Ken does his keynote address at the youth Summit, he will be speedily brought over to the Fairmont Empress – it is the Empress Hotel so you know the food will be incredible. You may want to soak up what he says. Or, maybe you have questions you want answers to. Either way, you will be at one of Victoria’s premier gatherings.

Did you know Sir Ken has been knighted by the Queen of England? AND that two members from the Royal Family, Will and Kate, will be touring the west coast on Oct 1st too?

Once it was discovered that Will and Kate were in town, we extended them a formal invite to attend the brunch. Maybe they can catch up with one of their Knights. Now, this is super crazy but if they have time to visit, you will also get to meet Will and Kate.

That would be a super bonus if Will and Kate attend the Brunch with Ken, wouldn’t it?

Sign up for Brunch with Ken here.