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Summit Agreement

When you bring hundreds of people together — whether they’re scientists or snake charmers — you gotta have some guidelines.

We call ours the Summit Agreement. And we’re asking you to spend a bit of time reading through. (You can even nod your head as you agree — it’s okay, we won’t judge.)

  • Everybody has a voice. And that voice deserves to be heard. Be supportive of other people’s insights. Take turns. Don’t hog the airspace — leave room for others to contribute.
  • Focus. This is a key characteristic of a solid group member — and a person other people turn to when they need someone to rely on. Go ahead, laugh and have a good time as you work, but stay on task. You can fart around later. (Sure, you’ll dance and scream and throw colourful powder in the air at Summit, but it’s time and place, guys. Time and place.)
  • Show respect. The small stuff matters: Wait your turn. Say please and thanks. Pay attention when someone’s talking. Be aware of other people’s personal space. If you’re going to disagree, do it respectfully. And ask before you take someone’s photo, kay? We all know digital is forever. Be worthy for your tribemates.
  • Trust that your own ideas are solid. Even if other people don’t agree, the things you like and the things you want to see matter. Look for ways to travel your path while helping others travel theirs. Keep that voice inside loud and proud. Always.
  • Be accountable. It’s the biggest secret weapon in the adult world, young Jedi. Successful people are the ones who take responsibility. Do what you say you’re going to do. Meet deadlines. Bring more to the table than is expected. If you do this, you will be asked to many, many tables in this lifetime.
  • Push the positive. Did anything good ever happen to Eeyore? Right. Speaking negativity — even just thinking negatively — sucks you down. All of the negative stuff: blame, gossip, judging, criticism, it all leads to the same place. As soon as you so much as catch a whiff of a negative thought, grab it and shift it around. Jam a positive one in its place. Do this over and over, day after day after day, until your brain gets it right. (Hot Summit tip: You can work your way out of every sort of mental bullsh*t by doing this. Truth.)

That about sums it up. Thanks for reading. See you on the inside!