Our Programs

To provide a wide variety of innovative programs for youth, educators, and parents with one goal in mind – preparing youth for the era of innovation.

Every Learner Has Ideas

A student bursary to raise funds to provide opportunities for families with financial barriers to sending their kids to the Youth Summit. The partners involved, Rethink Thinking and Victoria Foundation, match the funds to students with financial barriers to attendance.

Blue Paper Project Mentorship

So you managed to fit your brain back inside your head after Summit was done. Nice work. Let’s stretch it all out again at the Blue Paper Project sessions, a series of meetings after Summit that puts you back with the Yodas. You can tap extra mentorship and guidance to help you actually make your project a reality. Get primed in how to pitch ideas. Learn digital storytelling. Master Business Model Canvas or Design Thinking. Boost your financial literacy so you don’t make the same dumb mistakes you’ve watched other people make. Get ready. Get stronger.

Rethink Youth Team

Our in-house Youth Team volunteer for the foundation to reach out to fellow students and gain real world skills and experience by getting involved in events. Members develop presentation and public speaking skills during school visits, event organizing and creative skills during event planning, and video and broadcast expertise during events and online videos.

Educator Professional Days

Professional Development Days for creating space for sharing and collaborating on ways to evolve our schools and education from within. These events are for teachers, student teachers, Principals, and Vice-Principals and administration to learn with like-minded people and look forward to the future of education.

Artsy Fartsy

A creative community event giving youth an opportunity to express themselves artistically. Each Artsy Fartsy has a theme and provides the decor for the annual Youth Summit. It also build awareness of creativity and art in public spaces.

Online Summit

A collection of international game-changers showcasing their interviews and online workshops around education reform and inquiry methods. Experts may include Sir Ken Robinson, Seth Godin, John Abbott, Howard Garner, Jeff Hopkins, Dr. Peter Gray, and Patrick Farenga.

Youth Summit

A two-day fun, engaging, and collaborative event for creating the change you want to see in the world. This event is for high school students to explore their ideas in an open and collaborative environment. Our unique process takes students (in grades 9 – 12) through an open, idea generating mindset resulting in many Blue Paper Projects ranging in topic of social change projects, innovative business ideas and activism groups representing the change youth want to see in their homes, community, and even the world. And most of all, it is designed to have fun and foster creativity and self-expression.

The Voice of Youth

A 30-minute TV program telling stories of what matters in their community and the world from the viewpoint of high school students. This is developed by students in partnership with the foundation and Shaw TV. Students learn the planning and development of broadcast television including script writing, interviews, production, equipment, and editing in studio and on location.