Teen summit aims to build more creativity, curiosity in education

September 1, 2016 0

Creativity and education in Victoria news

Learning happens anywhere and not just when you walk through a door where the word ‘school’ is written above it,” says Jeff Hopkins in this article written by the Times Colonist.

This article shares the Summit at the Pier‘s sentiments towards giving students more opportunities to follow their own curiosity and creativity.

This youth un-conference is just that – another opportunity. An annual event that uses an inquiry-led process to guide students into discussions through collaboration with peers, contribution of their ideas (no ideas are wrong at this Summit), and building their creative confidence.

The article goes on to say how “traditional ways of passing along information, then testing students to measure how much knowledge they have retained, is no longer seen as effective“.

This is where our Rethink Thinking themed event, happening on Oct 1 & 2, is a demonstration of how we naturally learn – through inquiry and exploration to dive deep and broad into subjects. We expect many students to begin projects after the event because they enjoyed learning about a subject during the 2-day event.

Summit at the Pier - creativity in education
Student Maddy Hooson, 13, gets a close look at her project from a 3-D printer, at the Pacific School of Innovation and Inquiry in Victoria. Many educators are questioning the effectiveness of traditional methods of passing along information.