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Rethink School has moved!

We have renamed the school – Arc: Academy of Inquiry. For updated details, visit www.arcacademy.ca!


Rethink School

Launching the next inquiry middle school in September 2018 is a significant endeavor requiring your community support, attention, and input. We invite you to sign up for parent information sessions and learn more about the inquiry learning model.

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Upcoming Parent Information Sessions

April 7 Sat: 3-5pm

at Collaboration Hub

April 14 Sat: 1-3pm

at Pacific School of Innovation and Inquiry

April 19 Thu: 7-9pm

at Pacific School of Innovation and Inquiry

April 28 Sat: 1-3pm

at Pacific School of Innovation and Inquiry

May 5 Sat: 1-3pm

at Pacific School of Innovation and Inquiry


Rethink School Is


Relationships with peers and teachers grow stronger and healthier when connections are made over inquiries. Each teacher connects with each student to build unique bonds that last for years.


Where students learn from teachers, and teachers learn from students, and everyone learns from each other. Students explore new things and deepen their understanding of concepts and ideas.


The advantage of a school embedded within a community is having access to approved mentors, peers from other schools, and educators of the world.

Outside the Walls

Students learn best when they can be involved outside of the four walls of the classroom. Here, their inquiries may connect them with local businesses, community services, and parks.

Progressive Learning

The school’s model of learning is based in emergent, co-constructed, and personalized curriculum. Teachers and students worktogether to plan inquiry paths.

Magic 100

This unique inquiry methodology maximizes student-teacher relationships by limiting the size to a maximum of 100 students. This allows each teacher to help guide each student’s inquiries.

Jeff Hopkins on Inquiry

Inquiry-based learning is a way of constructing meaning that is driven more by a learner’s questions than by a teacher’s lessons. Through the stages of inquiry, this constructivist approach to education imparts the skills of how to learn rather than simply learning for learning’s sake.


Is Involved?

There is a team of dedicated, smart, and sometimes funny people collaborating together to bring this into existence. Some have depth in structuring sustainable entities, others bring expertise in education. Every one of them is passionate about giving youth more inquiry opportunities. It is this combined brilliance that makes this more than a school.

Delivery Team

Rebecca Kirstein

Rebecca Kirstein

Co-Founder of Rethink Thinking, organizer of Summit, and entrepreneur.

Tom Hudock

Tom Hudock

Co-Founder of Rethink Thinking, business consultant, and entrepreneur.

Caroline Weatherhead

Rethink Thinking organizer and project manager of events, gatherings, and in-person sessions.

Education Advisory Team

Jeff Hopkins

Jeff Hopkins

Beginning as an educator for 23 years, Jeff has taught many subjects, been a principal, district superintendent, and founded the Pacific School of Innovation & Inquiry as he works to re-conceptualize the education system.

Michele Worth

Certified teacher who has taught at independent schools, home schooled her own children, worked as an academic mentor, and worked as a clinical training associate with medical students. One of her proudest teaching moments is coaching a fourteen year old boy in the fine art of shaving for the first time.

Morgan Reid

Morgan’s passion is helping kids learn about the things they’re interested in, to build confidence, success, and love of learning. Morgan holds a B.Ed. in Geography & Env. Ed., and a Master’s in Curriculum and Instruction. For his birthday he’d like a 21st century eco-pirate ship.

Treena Huxley

Registered Psychologist with a special interests in the developmental model working with kids with complex neurodevelopmental needs. She has been in private practice since 2002 and as a Psychologist since 2009. Treena is also the owner/operator of the Collaboration Hub.

Amber Turek

Amber is a 3rd generation educator, who found her calling in middle school. She enjoys learning about learning, and feels grateful to be part of this exciting time in educational change.

Allison Rees

Worked with the LIFE Seminars material; presenting it, writing courses and articles and working with families and professionals since 1991. To date, tens of thousands of people have taken LIFE Seminars, including training psychologists and counsellors to teach parenting courses in mental health centers.



We know full-well our children will live a life that we can’t even wrap our heads around, to work jobs that haven’t yet been invented, and for organizations that don’t yet exist. This school has unique attributes that prepare students to handle the future.

Existing Learning Model

We’re not beginning from scratch. This middle school is modelled on the Pacific School of Innovation of Inquiry’s groundbreaking design and 5-year proven track record graduating happier and healthier students.


Having multiple campuses gives each inquiry school financial security, shared educators, and students having access to multiple venues. Longevity is the goal.

Whole Human

Inquiry learning allows students to grow emotionally, socially, and academically, all within a community-centered school. Focusing on the whole student allows them to develop as a whole human.

Teacher Growth

To teach at this school requires specialized expertise to guide and facilitate an inquiry student. Rethink Thinking to provide educators with the inquiry masters at Pacific School of Innovation and Inquiry.

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