Urban art created by teens, Artsy Fartsy event

September 1, 2016 0

What better way to mirror the vision of the Summit at the Pier but to put on an event similar to the Iron Chef, but for urban art!

This is a free public event about fun, creativity, and urban art. We are all about empowering youth to take the lead in their future, so we are asking teens from any school to collaborate and contribute to creating large urban art murals to decorate the Summit’s venue.

And we mean large.

To bring professional wisdom to this Artsy Fartsy event, there are four local urban artists stationed at each of the four venues around Victoria. These professional artists will host an “Iron Chef” meets the “Moss St. Paint In” styled process of making art. Two to five students at each venue will have five hours to create artwork for their murals, all using the same materials except one mystery material to add to their making toolbox.

We would love the public to come join these artists and witness their creations at any of the four venues: Royal BC Museum, Greater Victoria Public Library, Legacy Art Gallery and Open Space. This Artsy Fartsy event happens Saturday, September 10 from 11am to 4pm. You can take public transportation or bike to any of the venues.

Our fantastic group of urban art facilitators include Kay Gallivan, Nathan Davis, Aimee van Drimmelen and Cindy Akland. They will guide their student team allowing students to co-create their own board.

Artwork from the Urban Art Facilitators

Artsy Fartsy - Summit at the Pier
Cindy Ackland
Artsy Fartsy - Summit at the Pier
Aimee van Drimmelen
Artsy Fartsy - Summit at the Pier
Kay Gallivan
Artsy Fartsy - Summit at the Pier
Nathan Davis

If you’re a high school student wanting to take part, please contact Ari@SummitAtThePier.com.

The “Summit at the Pier Crew”