Schools – what you need to know

September 13, 2016 0

Attention: school faculty

You may have heard about the youth Summit but lack details to share with your students. Or, you want to send out an email to faculty and would like the important details to be included.

Getting all the information into the hands of teachers, librarians, and administration can be a challenge when you’re on the outside.

So let’s bring you in. Here’s what you need to know:

  • it’s for grades 9 to 12 spanning 2-days during the weekend of Oct 1 & 2
  • the Schedule can be found on the home page
  • 2 internationally inspiring speakers for teens to enjoy – Ken Robinson and Jason Roberts
  • an inquiry-based, open space process that starts with one question, which leads to ideas and potentially projects
  • it’s an “un-conference”, meaning no corporate booths or selling to the studentsholi powder
  • a “Doing Things Differently” Award offers a chance for a person or team to continue developing their idea with UVic’s ICE program
  • Saturday afternoon is the Collaborative Creativity is Messy Project – in partnership with Gustavson School of Business students and colourful holi-powder.
  • Saturday evening dance and electronic music with visuals projected onto a large backdrop
  • Sunday afternoon is the Better Block Project – inspired by Jason Roberts as a demonstration project to engage the public

Tickets for Students and Schools

Several schools have already signed up their students and purchased bulk tickets to ensure their school is represented. Some will give tickets away randomly to their students, while others may give tickets for specific reasons.

Find out more about school bulk tickets here.

And send students (or their parents) here for individual student tickets.

Each student will:

  • gain confidence contributing their ideas (no wrong ideas here) during the idea generation
  • collaborate with peers and be guided by 50 adult facilitators
  • embrace this opportunity to increase their creative confidence

Imagine hearing your students coming back from the Summit energized with new ideas from the groups they form. Or, seeing how their confidence grows by working with other like-minded teens. Or, watching them enthusiastically share ideas with classmates on the Monday after this weekend.

We’ve done this open space process of inquiry before for groups of up to 1,000! Those groups have produced inspired initiatives, powerful community projects, and even innovative businesses. Now, for the first time, this unique process is brought to students in the from of Canada’s first ever inquiry based Youth Summit!

deebeesThe Day-Of will:

  • be at Ogden Point Pier
  • have up to 500 students
  • have several food trucks on-site for purchasing lunch and dinner
  • provide free healthy snacks
  • provide free coffee and healthy drinks
  • give hand outs for students to use

The Saturday night will be a youth social with digital electronica created by some talented young people on the local scene.

So, there you have it. A packed two days for students where they will feel comfortable being among their peers, and supported by their community. Learning by doing and all kinds of fun mixed in.

For you, the faculty:

While your students are busy collaborating on ideas, you could be attending a fireside chat with Sir Ken Robinson. After his keynote speech the morning of Oct 1st, we’ll be bringing him over to the Fairmont Empress for an intimate discussion about creativity, education, and transformation.

Check out how you can attend the Brunch with Ken.